Application Instructions - due December 15, 2019

Please complete the form below, submit the application fee, AND submit supplemental materials as indicated on the right. To submit application fee for the Cortona Prize, please visit this page and click the payment button.

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Instructions for submitting supplemental material

Please submit all supplemental material via email either as .pdf (scores) or .mp3 (audio)/.mp4 (video). You may also submit links to files on dropbox. Email materials to: 
please put supplemental material in the subject line

Supplemental Material for Composition Applicants

  • submit three (3) scores composed in the last 3 years (.pdf please)

  • submit audio/video recordings of 3 works. one of the recordings must be for one of the submitted scores (.mp3 or .mp4 please)

Supplemental Material for Performance Applicants

  • submit recordings (audio or video) of 2-3 works that demonstrate your performance ability and musicianship. at least one of the works should be composed in the 20th-21st centuries.

There are no supplemental materials required for auditor/groupie applicants.